Snap Outlets — Personalized shopping application across China and America.

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Snap outlets approached me to help streamline their onboarding process and help organize and redesign their application. The challenge was the fact that they had two opposite personas - one is the shopper who is looking for clothing styles. The other persona is the stylist/personal shopper, the one who goes to find the article of clothing or accessories that the shopper wants to purchase.

One of the unique pieces of the app is the feature that enables you a shopper, to simply snap a photo or upload a photo of a piece of clothing, and a personal shopper knowing where to purchase it will shop and send you a photo to verify - once it's the shopper has found the style you are looking for, they will pick it up and ship to you!


Originally the onboarding had gone through the setup process of selecting your favorite brands or styles to personalize your shopping experience, then ask details about your personal shop. Obviously combining the onboarding for each can create a long and grueling experience, and thus we decided to split the two.

Onboarding chinese commerce

My goal when building user journey's is to make the path as linear as possible, and with these two personas we needed to split the paths to become linear by persona from the start to avoid complications. If you notice in the above, we mention uploading your own style, we briefly mention it - but beyond this we do not take it further. Once they are in the application they will easily discover becoming a merchant from their profile.

Merchant Profile & Onboarding

The profile is where we advertise users to become a stylist - from here they can create a shop and brand it as they like. As you can see below, this is the "second" onboarding a user can take if they want to become a stylist.

Onboarding chinese commerce

Once a stylist has setup their store, they can "share" their store with friends, or advertise on their blog (or other platforms) — and this is where the real magic happens. If a stylist shares the link, the user referred will be taken to download the snapoutlets application, however once downloaded, the app icon and branding will match the merchant who referred them. This new shopper will now only make orders through the referring stylists store enabling the stylist to build their audience.

Add product to store

Notice how the logo on the application is now the merchants, and they can select carrousel or customize as needed. Of course a merchant can still shop, and by clicking the double arrows in the top left corner, it will take them to the general snapoutlets page which features all stylists and shops.

*Side note: Stylists do not shop, they create fashion in the application, and they set the prices - if a shopper purchases it, a random "personal shopper" will go pick it up giving the difference of price to the stylist and commissions to the shopper.

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