Conference call Bingo

A simple study recording all the common issues in conference calls. I came up with this idea after receiving an image of a "Conference call Bingo," and during this COVID-19 quarantine, I found this is the perfect time to record data is 100% of everyone will be home.

Some interesting insights came out of this, for example the fact that more than one working week out of the month is spent in meetings just shows how much time we don't spend doing something. It reminds me of the old quote "We will continue having meetings until we figure out why nothing is getting done!"

"Can you hear me" and "Can you see my screen" are the two most said phrases. I never really thought about this until doing this study, but why is it that we trust a telephone or mobile phone on a call more than conference calls? How can we build the reliability and trust level of the technology to get to the point that people don't ask? Is there some feedback, or visual cue we can give users to ensure that everything is working okay? Perhaps the software detects if sound is being received on the other ends and notifies the host rather than requiring the host to ask questions. Just some food for thought, otherwise do checkout the data visualisation below!

Original datasheet can be found here and the original bingo image can be found here.

Conference call bingo data visualisation