Braillet — Read with your own voice

This braille tablet concept is a project I've had on my mind for a while now. I've always thought that an elegant solution can be created where those with vision impairement can easily read web articles or books on their own and in peace. Listening to a semi-robotic voice read everything to you can get quite irritationg after a while, and finding information or reading anything digital can become mentally draining with a voice not of your own reading to you.

braillet tablet - read with your own voice

Tactile interactions

Touch devices are great especially when it works well, however, for those that are unable to see there is always a level of uncertainty that comes with the lack of tactile feedback. With braillet there are two large tactile buttons on the bottom that clearly indicate next and previous.

A simple press of either button will allow the reader to go to the next page of the article or book they are reading. Holding down for three seconds will jump to the next or previous chapter.

Tactile button display

On the right side we have the volume rocker and a button to activate voice assistance which also has three raised nubs to bring separation from the volume keys.

Side view of braillet

Save what you need

With braillet, each cell on the reading panel is pressure sensitive. This enables multiple gestures such as being able to highlight text or have the defintion of a word read out to you. Putting small pressure for two seconds on the beginning of a word will have the voice assistance find the definition. Alternatively putting pressure at two different points will save everything inbetween as a note to your companion app to reference later.

Gesture displaying for definition

Voice assistant, Buddy!

Voice assistance is always ready to help you with tasks from telling you a summary of the article, listing the chapters, or reading out the notes you have saved for that particular book or article. The conversation doesn't end there - as long as you are talking to Buddy in the same session, it will remember the conversation and understand your requests based on previous responses. Ask everything from jump to page, bookmark page and save for reading later.*

list of example commands


The packaging is designed to be the case for when you are not using your braillet. The box opens like a book has a compartment for each of the accessories inside. The interior is made of a silicone plastic material making for a sturdy but comfortable resting place for your braillet. The exterior of the box is made with a plastic finish and a metallic aluminium of the logo and name.

Packaging and contents

Technical Specifications

Diagram showing dimensions of braillet


Width: 24.6cm (9.68in)

Height: 33.9cm (13.34in)

Depth: 0.8cm (0.31in)

Weight: 520g (1.14lb)

Battery Life

38-Watt built in battery

Up to 3 weeks of reading and using voice assistance moderately

Battery Life

38-Watt built in battery

Up to 3 weeks of reading and using voice assistance moderately

Charging via power adapter or USB-C


Each tablet comes with built in 128GB disk space to store books locally. Multiple books stored on the device may be accessed via voice assistance or the app (Bluetooth or wifi may be required).

Diagram showing button placement

The dot diameter, cell and line spacing are compliant with the UK Association for Accessible Formats (UKAAF)

Diagram showing button placement
This project is a work of fiction and does not have any association with any existing companies mentioned in this project.

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