A/B Experiments and analytics platform for mobile applications.

When I started working at Apptimize, the biggest tasks that required immediate tackling was designing a consistent user experience and design across the entire product. My tasks were everything from redesigning how navigation worked to how users setup AB experiments and analyze their results. Throughout the project I helped design and spec out tasks for developers, debug, create interactive mockups, and designed a style guide to help bring more consistency in the product for the entire company.

User journey map

Before starting on my own journey to redesign the product, I created a high level journey map to guide the way designs were made and how our team (product) can work closer to marketing to build seamless experiences across the company. The goal was to streamline A/B Experiments and move users into using feature flags following a successful experiment.


A/B experiments


To create a step process for A/B experiments can prove quite challenging, however one of my inspirations for the interactions designed was a shopping cart. With online shopping the user often has a product in mind they are searching for, and from there they will filter down to the brand, color, and type of product. This mindset helped set the foundation on the order of our steps.


One of the major changes we created in this onboarding was moving the goals step from last to second, the reasoning is to encourage our users to think about why they are running the experiment. Often times we found customers running experiments and thinking about the goals later or not thinking through the side-effects. After the launch of this setup process, we found our users were taking more time to launch experiments (which is good in this case) and adding more goals relevant to their experiments both primary and secondary goals.

Configuring the experiment

Configure needed to be very easy and concise, at the top we have a very simple switch box which allows the user to easily switch between visual, code block, or dynamic variable experiments. Within each of these are their own configuring panel (with the exception of code block).


Target and launch

Once the experiment configuration is ready, we have the launchpad. This page can be considered the "shopping bag" of an ecommerce website. Our intention here again was to give the idea of checking out and finalization of the process. With an easy to understand slider for audience (and legend directly below), and refinement of audience targeting. The user can then preview variants live on their own devices, and when ready launch the experiment.



On the results page one of our challenges was finding a way to show lots of data in a clean and concise way. Previously charts were on their own section, separated by the data tables. In this new interface we put all the data in a layout that not only is easy to ready, but allows for quick education on terms that may not be familiar to new users.

primary-goal primary-goal